Known for her extensive knowledge in multiple genres of music, Cocodisco is a sought after LA-based DJ and producer. Performing as a staple in the underground warehouse scene, Cocodisco also maintains regular residencies at establishments such as Exchange LA, Honeycut, Roosevelt Hotel, The Standard, Mondrian, Grandpa Johnson's, Couture, Hotel Figueroa, Pattern Bar, and Gitano Tulum.

Cocodisco was raised both in the states and abroad, exposing her to myriad musical cultures and influences at a very young age. She grew up listening to disco records from her parents, fabricating the backbone of her love for electronic music.  Her sound encompasses everything from disco house, house, tech-house, deep house, and sexy underground music.

Cocodisco has shared bills with some of the world’s hottest DJ’s: Tiga, Aquarius Heaven, Moon Boots, Amine Edge, Todd Edwards, Classixx, Monkey Safari, Tone of Arc, Tiger and Woods, Midnight Magic.  Production continues to be Cocodsico’s top priority and we expect to hear only gold from this talented lady vixen.  She is the ultimate powerhouse brand and an inspiration to women in a traditionally male dominated industry.

Cocodisco’s passion for music is paralleled by her love for fashion. She loves to intertwine the two making her shows unforgettable. When Cocodisco is not drawing party goers to the dance floor, she is working hard keeping people looking gorgeous as a hair stylist at The Well Salon in Los Angeles.  With over 10 years at top salons around the west coast, she is one of the most sought after colorists and stylists in LA.  Living and working in Paris, she has a solid editorial background and has collaborated with several exclusive top brands + publications.

Cocodisco will launch her namesake clothing line early 2016.  Her mission is to create fabulous and affordable ‘barely-there’ resort and party wear: Sheer Sexiness!  Cocodisco’s line will consist of glamorous sheer chiffon clothing that one can layer over swimsuits or Coco’s essential underwear.  The initial line will consist of a classic four piece collection, with additional unisex items tailored to suit the needs of her ideal clients.  Timeless designs that become staple pieces desired in every fashion savvy woman’s wardrobe.  Target demographic is geared towards fashion forward jetsetters who love to disco dance on a beach.  Free the nipples and dare to wear it bare.

As Cocodisco continues to make a lasting imprint on the fashion, beauty and music fronts we wait anxiously to see what this creative talented powerhouse comes up with next!